Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Planning a Caravan

Ok, now that CBR is over with, my next big Airstream outing will be our WDCU Caravan out to Madison, Wisconsin for the WBCCI International Rally that starts on 27 June and goes through July 4th. For that, I'll be leading a Caravan out and Frank Yensan will be my Wagon Boss making sure our stay-overs are good. I am looking for someone to work at bringing up the rear of the Caravan each day ensuring that all Caravanners on the route make it to each way point / layover and to collaborate with me and the WagonBoss. Our plan is to meet somewhere near Pittsburgh, Pa on the afternoon / early evening of the 23rd to have a check in around 530pm at a site soon to be identified. We will then travel on the 24th to Jackson Center to the Airstream Factory and the plan is to be there by 1pm to make the Factory tour. We will stayover at the factory that night and then get up and head for Elkhart, Indiana on the 25th where we will be staying at the RV/Motor Home Hall of Fame on the night fo the 25th, to get up and roll to Jefferson County Fairgrounds on the 26th to meet up with the VAC Rhendevous for the Parade of Vintage into the International on the 27th. I'm working on my CB installation for the Caravan as well as working up a roster of who is coming. I need to know if you are participating by the 15th of May to have good numbers of who is participating. It will be a good time. If you are looking at just caravanning out to the factory with us, you are more than welcome, or even if you want to Caravan out the hole way and turn around for a neat trip. Either let myself of Frank know if you are coming. My email is if you want to participate.

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