Saturday, May 27, 2006

Our 65 Package

Well, I made it home. I stopped in to the Region 2, and it was nice. I stayed an hour or so, checking out who was there, and driving through. About 131 trailers / motorhomes there, mostly all new. The Vintage trailers, most of our WDCU members, were over under the trees. Here's a picture of the little Caravel in tow! It was a nice little fairgrounds.

The main reason, besides seeing my wife and kids (of course) was to get home, and get the front seat of our Wagoneer, and finish polishing the rear end caps of the Caravel, to go the Memorial Day Antique car show here in Norwich, NY. Friday night is the Cruise in, and I wanted to go. So, I spent the afternoon in my Uncle's shop, putting in the seat, and getting the rear hitch installed. It looks sweet. Here is the 65 Wagoneer and 65 Caravel at the Cruise In. It was a hit! Tomorrow, it'll show up at the show!

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