Thursday, May 18, 2006

Got another Airstream - Parts machine???

Back here in Northern Virginia. I stopped on my way last night and picked up our new to us Airstream...yup another one. ack at four of them. The trailer was up in College Park, MD, so I stopped on my way and brought it here to the camp ground ($2 a night storage). I might part it, not really sure. The inside is mostly gutted, making it perfect for a custom restoration for someone, but the door lock, front windows, awning, ac, hub caps...all are something someone might want too....decisions, decisions....I have Reserves this weekend, so nothing happening with the Trade Wind. More next week, we've got a long Memorial Day weekend coming up. I'll tow the 1970 29' Ambassador home on Sunday - at least I think that is what it is????? I can't keep track.


Anonymous said...

Rob, get help. You need to join Airstream Addicts Anonymous.

Dean said...

If you decide to sell please contact me. I'm actually looking for a '69 25'-30'. Center bath would be great but it seems they are not as popular as rear baths. My preference is due to 69's being the last year for wood, first year for rounded window corners. Having a later year that is gutted would be OK as it makes the remodel versus restore justification easier. I have a '65 30' Sovereign now that's just too original to change. Thanks, Dean

Anonymous said...

I am interested in the awning poles, or what ever they are called. I have a '69 Sovereign 31' that looks a lot like what you have there. Where can a person find them, or are you planning to sell some of yours? Awning supports that is.
thanks, bill b.

Unknown said...

Rob Baker,
Wesley here. Formerly of the Shady Dell.
Gimme a shout and, please,
Check my site.
I could use some feedback.
I know it doesnt appeal to the masses but neither do I.
I believe it conveys the message that I am in it for fun and not the $.
Let me know what you think.
When I started four years ago there were a handful of websites.
Now it seems EVERYONE is jumping on the bandwagon.