Sunday, May 28, 2006

2nd Place - the Airstream had something to do with it!

Well, we did the car show thing yesterday in Norwich, NY. Every Memorial Day, there is a huge Cruise in on Friday night, then Saturday is Hot-Rods and Sunday is Antique days. We took the Wagoneer and Caravel (both 65s) down on Saturday. It was great, and we even brought home some hardware too! 2nd Place in the Commercial 4WD division. Not bad, considering the Jeep isn't even done yet (most of the interior was missing - front seat only). Today, I've been working on the floor to the 60 Trade Wind, and trying to catch up on some lawn mowing. We might have a Courtesy Parker tomorrow - someone coming in from Region 2 for our Pageant of Bands Rally. Enjoy the pictures!

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