Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Bringing it home!

Well, the parts trailer did not even get out of Maryland. I was in Frederick, got a call from Kim on the forums, who left a number for her dad. I called him, he was about 10 minutes from Frederick, and within an hour I was unhooking the trailer in his driveway - it will be restored, and add to the stat of 65% of every Airstream is still on the road, vice being dismantled for parts - 50-50 on who said to part (many need parts) and on who said "How dare you Rob!". In my heart, I did not want to part it up! So, now, I am back in Northern VA, where I am prepping our 65 Caravel for a trip home. It has been a while since it's moved at the Campground (Aqui Pines) it is located, so I'm working on getting her ready. We'll start the trek north on Thursday, where I'll probably swing by the Region 2 Rally in Gettysburg, say hello, and get home sometime Friday morning. We are still debating if we are going to sell this little jewel or not. If ya see me, give a wave! SYDTR!

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