Friday, June 19, 2009

On the side of the road!

Here I sit.. dumb @#$ me I left my spare at home. Sitting on the side of I-380 here in the Poconos waiting for my hero from the Good Sam emergency Road Side Service to arrive. I called a tire shop and found a 7X14.5 and bought it over the phone and the tire guy is going by there to get it for me on his way. Front curb side blew again. Something is amiss as I keep blowing that tire. So, while I sit I am surfing the net! Take care everyone. We depart Monday night for Madison, Wisconsin.


Bill & Beth's Blog said...

Make sure that you have a spare for Madison and enjoy yourselves.

TomW said...

Man, that's tough luck. The video was a nice touch.


Sugarfoot said...

I feel your pain.