Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I can live with it.

Deciding on the roof top ac was a no brainer this year - my wife's almost 4 months pregnant and there's no way I'm going through a summer of camping without AC - that's what she said.. lol. Seriously, these pictures were what my big deal with my rooftop unit was about. I have a center 12v/110v ceiling light that I thought was going to be interfered with more with the inside control panel. It's not too bad once installed. So, we'll live with it for now. Let me know what you all think. Take care!
Rooftop AC inside the trailer.

Note how close the light is.. it should stay cool.

I can live with it for now.

Thanks again Dick and Doug! You are Zoe's hero!


Bill & Beth's Blog said...


Fantastic news, Zoe will really appreciate the A/C in Madison. Wish we could see you there.


utee94 said...

I think it looks good, Rob. I know why you were worried, but it seems to fit just fine. You can always relocate the light at a later date if it really bothers you, but I think it's just fine.