Friday, June 26, 2009

Almost there

We've gone from central NY to an overnight stay in Covington, PA to Pittsburgh (wrong Cracker Barrel directions in the GPS took us right downtown to the not so nice part of Pittsburgh) to a nice stay at the Log House Gardens (thanks Roy in a huge way!). We then departed Pitt on Wed am heading for Jackson Center where we arrived at 130pm in time for the tour, spending the night in the heat! I put our Dometic AC to use on the Terraport. Up and at em at 7am, departing for Elhart at 730am. We cruised by Dan's at Vintage Campers where we had lunch then cruised up here to Elkhart arriving around 220pm. It was so hot, we decided on the Elkhart Campground about 4 miles away. The pool and power was nice! Now, we're rising and hope to be Caravanning at 8am heading for Jefferson, Wi by way of LaSalle on I80 - I-39. The VAC rhendevous is tonight and we parade into International tomorrow. Almost there!

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utee94 said...

Cool, nice to see you're still somewhat into 'Streamin!