Thursday, January 08, 2009

Old barns and a pool!

Some more development on the farm... things are looking promising, only time will tell. Here are a few more pictures. There will be many a Airstream Rally here in the future - I hope! Zoe's Caravel is up on the auction block and we've sold our 54 Safari to FTW. Now, do we sell the Jeep? Maybe I'll keep the Jeep and sell my 3/4 ton Chevy..Hmm... I'll have so many projects restoring that old farm house that I don't need a ton other projects distracting me. Enjoy the photos - we are enjoying the excitment!

The Gazebo down by the pond.

The view from the Gazebo looking back up the barn.
The large in-ground pool. Looking north.

A sideways shot... whoops.. you can see our current house in the background (the tan house in the trees).

Above is the old 1916 1 room Plymouth school house with additions. This is the property (about 8 acres) between this farm and our current house.

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Sugarfoot said...

Definitely picture postcard material, not to mention a great rally spot. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you two.