Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Things in my barn!

Over on the side of this blog, there are links to other bloggers that are friends of mine. One of them, I chat daily with a few of them, posted that he noticed the round glass light cover that is in the old Bargman tailight housing on his Airstream was cracked. I posted that I might have one, and that I'd have to check in my barn... this picture is for him - Marcus - you need one?

Now, as to why I haven't been posting lately... well, it's because we've been contemplating purchasing a 62 acre farm that is about 1/4 mile down the road from us.... we put in an offer, and the company has accepted.... so stay tuned, as this might (and I am sure it will) have an affect on my Airstreaming this summer... however, maybe a rally here on the farm! Stay tuned. Here's a picture of the farm!

Our good friends lived here, and were re-located out of the area due to their job relocating. It's been empty since July and it's Zoe's dream place - dead end dirt road, large house, large barn, in a beautiful Burl Ives like setting. I've been dreaming of a Baker's Acres and it might just happen!! So, I'm serious about selling eggs now - I told Zoe' she better get advertising!!

As for eggs, this post goes out to one of my faithful blog readers - one of my Aunts. We've got some nice eggs over here for my uncle.. word is he says you're a heck of a short order cook when it comes to eggs! he.. he....


utee94 said...

Cool, Rob, thanks for checking in the barn. Of course, now that you're buying a farm, I can't help but wonder how much it's going to cost me! ;-)


alumanutz said...

How many airstreams can you store on 65 acres?

Anonymous said...

Baker's Acres looks beautiful!! Plenty of room for a few more kids, a few more puppies, a few more chickens and a few more Airstreams.


Anonymous said...

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