Friday, August 29, 2008

One for the books!

Well, it started out innocent enough.. I was on the road heading north out of Virginia at 4pm. My goal, be in Stockton, NJ by 9pm... so, I hit I95, made it to I495 (the beltway) and all stop! Same all the way to I695 - the Baltimore beltway... slow going. I made it over the Key bridge ($6)

and then the first toll on I95 ($15) then about 10 miles up the road, another toll ($7).. man - I was gonna go broke before I even got out of Maryland. So, it went well from there until I hit Philly where traffic was again all going from 3-4 lanes to 1 for construction.. ugh!! So - I then was hell bent to get into NJ before the VAP was to start, since last night was year the start of year 3! So, I made it, but then my gas light came on... good luck finding a gas station in NJ after 9 in small towns.. they are all closed, and since you can't pump you own, the pumps are off too. I ran out of gas on Exit 2 of I95... about 30 minutes from Stockton. I was heading to pick up a Dometic AC and Heat Pump w/ a solar trickle charge that mounts on top. So, there I was and I taped the VAP from a parking lot... I then called my roadside assistance and it paid off - he brought me a gallon of gas, and took me to a 24 hour gas station, where I filled up for $3.60 a gallon. I made it to David's at 1am... where I courtesy parked. I loaded up, had breakfast (thanks David) and gave a tour, then headed north..... where I'll post later this weekend for THE REST OF THE STORY! Stay tuned!

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FlossiFur said...

~Hi Rob~---I'm saying that in my sweetist voice while batting my eyelashes...because I have a question??? Just how much would it cost me to get that '58 Dometic fridge(that still works) out of your barn? Leroy was listening to the VAP and would really like to know...even though he knows the answer is----"there's not enough money in this world that would let Rob sell that fridge to Carol for me". Just a thought! I don't even know if it would work. I'm sure you do and the question is..(drum roll Please) would you even consider selling it?