Tuesday, August 05, 2008

7 poler

Tonight, I installed the 7 pole flag pole holder I had made as a trial run. It turned out well. Here's a picture... it was getting dark, sorry for the quality.. I'll take another one tomorrow. Now, I've got to get to Lowe's for two more flag pole holder and two more flags (a VAC flag and a Canadian one). Enjoy!


FlossiFur said...

Glad to see you still know where to find your blog. I have been checking regularly and you have been so missed! Keep 'em coming, it gives us something to look forward to!

Frank Yensan said...

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the byamcaravanner said...

More Flags... More Fun!

utee94 said...

Rob... where are you...?

Love the 7-poler, how 'bout some daytime shots of it? And how 'bout some talk of the birthday trip to JC? And how 'bout an update and things yet to be done to the SOTR?

Your public awaits your words of wisdom! :)