Sunday, August 24, 2008

Harper's Ferry, West Virginia

As Bryce said last night - "FIRE IN THE HOLE!!"

Zoe, me, and Stanton, Bryce and Breadon overlooking the Potomac and Shenendoah River's where they merge.

Going over to the C&O Canal.

I'm trying to get Zoe' to buy one of these dresses - she'd look good in one!!!

This weekend, we pulled up to Harper's Ferry when I got out of work. It was about a 2 hour pull, but we stopped off in Manassas, Va to drop my fridge off at Calbo Custom Coaches to leave it and see if Dometic would fix it.. the cooling tube had cracked right in two at a curve... I had bought this fridge off of Ebay from an Airstream that had rolled... I thought it was a 2004 fridge, but the guy says it's a 2000... so - now I'm looking at a fridge.... Hmmmm - what to get - this guy swears by Norcold fridges, so we'll see - I'll keep you posted.

We pulled up here and were here by 530pm. Right next door there is a T@B parked next to us. We wanted to spend some great family time together as Zoe' and the boys were headed back to NY after this weekend to start getting ready for school.. and a great time we had! The weather was perfect, the town of Harper's Ferry was perfect, and the family was perfect. We did alot of hiking yesterday down in town and up to Jefferson's Rock. We did lunch in town, came back to the KOA to hit the pool, hiked around the campground, ate supper, and then did the ice cream social. The boys were super about going to bed at a decent hour too!

The SOTR is great. It was warm, but let me tell you that with all the living room windows open, and the roof vents, you get a great breeze through the trailer! Those 8 windows up front really keep it comfortable. So, besides bringing back the door in the door, and the baby moons, maybe Airstream should bring back these Hehr windows too!!! No AC and we were very comfortable all weekend. We added our Ohio and Michigan water decals to the door yesterday and then also added a very cool Harper's Ferry decal I've been saving. As we were adding that decal, the KOA host came over and told us that I had won the drawing to be able to fire the cannon!! So, last night at 6pm, I pulled the lanyard to fire the 6.5 pound Cannon - it was fun and the boys really got a kick out of it.

This morning, we got up, went up to the Pancake breakfast and the boys played on the playground. Zoe' was busy getting things packed and then we hit the camp store one last time for some drinks and ice. So, sadly, now they are out on I81 headed north, as I pack things up here with the SOTR. Everywhere I look I see evidence of little hands - and it puts tears in my eyes.. only knowing of the great memories we are making with our little family!! I love my family!!!


Anonymous said...

Sweet post Rob. You are an inspiration and one of the good ones!

FlossiFur said...

I can't believe all the rad time you and your family have under your aluminum belt, I only wish I had started earlier and had more time and money to get mine on the road.
p.s.hope to see you guys again soon!

John Kwasnik said...

I love the picture of you firing the cannon!