Monday, June 23, 2008

East Coast VAC rally

Well, this weekend we had a blast at the first ever East Coast VAC Rally held by Paul Waddell at the Staunton / Verona KOA. It was a blast. I commuted over there on Thursday and Friday, and then Zoe' and the boys showed up Friday night around 9 (she had to drive 438 miles after the boys got out of school). Friday night was a late night next door at Frank's place (nice name for a company Frank!) into the wee hours of the morning. Saturday was a great day of breakfast, then tubing, then the open house, happy hour and the duck race where I fell into the river, potluck was scrumptous, and then the Byamville photo. I, along with Dave Makel, gave the Fred Caldwell 1931-1957 Airstream's presentation as well. Stuart made me laugh into the night telling stories with our good Detroit friend Dave standing next to me as well! Nice to meet ya DragonWagon!!! Hope there will be more opportunities as well. Zoe' told me last night that this was the BEST RALLY she's ever been too!!! Steve - ya missed a good one!!! Zoe' and the boys departed around 10am, and they made it home around 6pm last night. I departed the rally zone around 1pm, taking I81 north for just a few miles, then over to 340 north and east on 33 to the top of the Skyline drive, taking that for about 40 miles or so on my way back to the Quantico area. I'm at the Prince William Park Travel Trailer Village now through the week. Enjoy the photos!


John Kwasnik said...

man, I can't wait until my blog contains stories of places gone and things seen rather than just pictures of a stationary object. Thanks for the motivation!

Unknown said...

Great pix Rob!