Monday, April 07, 2008

Items left

Today I stopped here in Charleston at The Trail Center for parts - an did they have them! They used to be an Airstream dealer in the 70s. They hooked me up with my fittings for my black tank. I've got to find a 3" OD coupling to go from my fitting on the tank to a bayonet fitting.

Here is what is left of my list of things I wanted to get done:

Polish the trailer (next time)
Install fresh water tank (Tomorrow night)
Install Ogden water filter (Wednesday)
Complete fresh water tank (tomorrow night)
Run propane lines (Wednesday)
Install 12v Air pump (next time)
Install black water plumbing (Wednesday and Thursday)
Install dead bolt (next time)
Install diamond plate (this is in my outside storage hatch - complete)
Install outside door seal

I've bolted down the stove, the fridge, completed what I needed to on the gaucho, installed the H2O heater (need to cover the outside with original cover still), fix curtains, install radio.

I'll be at the Great Falls National Park in northern VA on Wed am from 9-11am and then will be heading to downtown for a short caravan. Only two more days!

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