Saturday, April 26, 2008

From here to Eternity

Well, where do I begin. I departed home on 1 April and returned last evening. In between, there was towing to Quantico, Va where I worked on the trailer each night after Reserves, then I flew down to Charleston, SC for a few days, then flew back to BWI where I towed over to Virginia's Great Falls National Park, worked on the trailer there, and then towed over to the WDCU Cherry Blossum Rally (CBR). CBR was great, with 43 rigs showing up, and tons of kids. Tim of theVAP flew in on Thursday and we taped theVAP on Saturday night live. After CBR, I towed the 600 or so miles to Charleston, SC where I stayed at the James Island County Park, just south of downtown. It was great. Zoe' and the boys came with me for the first week and on Thursday night, I started for home. In Santee, SC I met up with Sig and Dawn VanDamme (Airstreaming in NY blog) and we camped next to each other in the Cracker Barrel. I departed at 530am yesterday and drove the ~833 miles home with the SOTR in tow. It was a long day, getting in at 930pm. It's nice to be home. It seems like it's been a while since I was home last - it has!

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Frank Yensan said...

glad yo made it home safe. Thank you for the "learning" on how to use your now famous Diamond Brite polish.