Saturday, April 05, 2008

In the dark!

Well, I got the new hot water heater in tonight... finishing with the aid of a flashlight. So, I'm hooking up the PEX lines now. I'm here in northern VA and it's nice weather... but supposed to rain tonight through tomorrow afternoon. So, all I have left is to install the front fresh water holding tank - which has been one problem after another. My welder Daryl welded in a patch on the tank and while he did that (it's aluminum) he put in new fittings for the fill neck and exit point. When I got it home, I put it together (mocked up) and put it into place to make sure everything was going to work... well - when I went to take the fill neck out, the aluminum threads (it was hand tight) became buggered up and it stripped the threads on the way out... so I had to take it back over to Daryl's to get a new fitting put in (1" and a 1/4). So, on Tuesday late afternoon on my way south to here in Northern VA - I stopped by Darly's to pick up my tank. This time, when I install it, it's all going together and not coming apart again. Wish me luck.
We'll be Caravanning into downtown DC on Wednesday... CBR is here (almost!)

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