Sunday, December 23, 2007

A time to reflect

First, I must say Thank you to Colin for convincing us to rid the "Soon to be a maintenance nightmare" beast of a trailer and go Vintage. This picture, taken with my TREO, is one of the last trips we took in the old 34 footer sitting in our old driveway. We sold that in June of 2005 - over 2.5 years ago. Our 58 Sovereign of the Road is much better and we actually have more room too - even though the trailer is 4 feet shorter and about 2 tons lighter to tow. Thank you Colin for showing me the VINTAGE light! Now, with the new year upon us, here's to a Happy New Year to all of you and Thank You for following along on our blog. Here's to all our future Airstreaming travels and if we haven't met yet, hopefully we will this year. Let's hope for Good weather at Cherry Blossum in April (where my bathroom will win the Throw Down with Colin and Frankie - Tim, what's your favorite dessert?), a good pull to Montana in June to International or Virginia to the East Coast VAC Rally, and a great Installation Rally up here in central NY. What we have left to do on the SOTR -
Install plumbing lines (PEX)
Install propane lines
Install Fresh water aluminum tank under gaucho
Secure Gaucho
Paint / Install Tub
Install Grey Water Stainless tanks
Install Water Heater
Cut vent holes for Fridge
Secure Fridge to trailer
Install Dickinson Fireplace
Install Bunk Bed hardware for travel position
Finish Polishing
Install newWD arms to tongue
Change over a propane tank to OPD
Fill tanks
Wire in 4 twelve volt lights (2 are LEDs)
Complete step light wiring
So, stay tuned, as there will be lots to still accomplish coming up.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to everyone - may your new year be a shiny one!

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Frank Yensan said...

I want to thank you for having this blog. It is fun to see the process one goes through to get these beautiful ladies on the road. I hope all your Airstream dreams for the new year come true and that your plumbing leaks like a sieve.