Monday, December 10, 2007

62 Overlander

I finally stopped in again to talk to the Uncle to the owner of this sweet Vintage trailer. It's been sitting there for at least 8 years...what a shame. Also, more on the VAP throw down...check out Frank's Annalumanum link to see what his challenges are... Also, anyone interested in one of these Flamingos for a nice Airstream nightlight - $15 and you pay the shipping. Also, here's my shower head / tub faucet that I'm polishing tonight - you should have seen the looks in the hotel lobby as I was walking in carrying this thing. Oh yeah - Good luck Frank!


Anonymous said...

I love the louvered windows on the photo! Very vintage!

...And the flamingo is cute too!

Good luck on the throw down!

the byamcaravanner said...


What kind of hotels do you stay at that you have to bring your own shower faucet? LOL!

I'm not sure the competition anticipated you bringing the project along with you. Did you bring the cyclo too?

Is your Uncle's '62 Anna's twin?

Good Luck!