Friday, November 23, 2007

A season of Giving Thanks!

Happy Thanksgiving to all our Blog readers out there. This is a time with family and it is nice to be home. I wanted to give a big Thank you out to my wife Zoe for putting up with my Airstream obsession). There are many reasons to be thankful this time of year and I wanted to list a few. I feel lucky that I have such a wonderful wife, our three wonderful sons, our parents, all of our friends and family, our home, our Sovereign of the Road, the VAP, our Airstream family (the Perkins, the Rowbottums, VanDammes, Tim and Debra (we still haven't even met), Colin and Suzanne, Frank, Beth and Ava, the Waddells, Pete Daniels, the Inmans, Virginia, Wayne and Linda, Gaile and Rob, Garnett, Star and Peter, Marc and Becky, Harley and John, Margaret and Stewart, the Rogers, the Warners, and all the rest of the WDCU of the WBCCI), the Internet, all of my USMC Reserve friends, my good job, our dog, and the fact I am home. I hope everyone out there takes a moment to reflect on life and just take a minute to sit back and relax - Now - get back to polishing!!! Happy Holiday's all!


Anonymous said...

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the byamcaravanner said...


Along with many other things I am thankful to have great folks like you willing to share your Airstream talents with the rest of us.


P.S. Looks like you've found yourself a Portuguese Spammer (crescenet) LOL!

Frank Yensan said...

It is I who am thankful

Anonymous said...

I'm thankful for all my new Airstream buddies!