Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Now that it's cold out..I'm looking into what we'll use for heat. Right now I have an electric heater plugged in and it's staying warm that way while I am out there working.... but this Fireplace is what we want.
It is a Dickinson P9000 propane fired furnace. Or, should I get the P12000 as it's a little bigger. The P9000 says 30-32 foot boat and the P12000 states 32-40 foot boat. I think I have more living space than a boat so maybe I need the bigger unit. Does anyone out there use one of these? How do they heat? I know they have a fan that gets its power source from 12V and that is not a problem (you can run it with fan off for boondocking times). The plan is that this will go on the wall, just to the left when you enter the trailer and vent through the roof. As an augment, we also have a NorthStar 3000 Catalytic heater we plan to use in the bathroom area for those cool bathroom mornings. Just not sure where I'll mount it yet. Who's mounted one of these in their bathroom? I'll be out there working later today.


Frank Yensan said...

Very nice choices. They will add nothing but elegance to your beautiful trailer. I too want to put a catalytic in the bathroom, but do not know where. I WILL see you down/ up the road.

the byamcaravanner said...


I really like these... I wish they had one similar in size and features to one their diesel units, but fueled by LP gas.

"Sovereigns" such as yourself need to be able to contemplate world issues whilst relaxing in front of your fireplace... even when in your Airstream.