Sunday, May 06, 2007

Weekend Camping

Well, we had a great time camping this weekendup at my Mother and Father In-Laws place with the 58 Overlander. Our friends, the Perkins, came up in their 58/59 Globetrotter (they only live about 5 miles from their) and then Anne and Floyd (67 Globetrotter) stopped up (without their trailer) last night and learned some, as we sat around the fire (Brrrr - it was windy last night). They've never taken their rig out for camping - something we will be changing really soon. Here are a few shots of the back 85 acres up on the hill. Yup, Perk had a little issue pulling that heavy old trailer up the hill - or was it the Ford? Anyway, we'll be doing this alot more in the near future. The bass were biting! Still no baby boy - we're thinking of naming him Wally Byam Baker - at least I am.

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