Tuesday, May 22, 2007


So, we've been trying to figure out which way to go wtih the appliances. Do I stay original with a floor model Stove / Oven (I have three) or do I go with a counter model Princess and have storage underneath. Do I go with the vintage Dometic gas only or with the 2002 Dometic (under recall) Gas / Electric and alot bigger. So, after much debate, we've decided to go with the floor model Magic chef Gas stove / oven and the vintage Dometic. We'll be painting the fridge white to match the stove / oven. These two are too cool not to give them a try. These two appliances will soon be going to the cabinet shop for the dry fit. Also, a picture of the SOTR patiently waiting for it's new cabinetry at the West End Cabinet shop. I'm glad it's inside as I have a few leaks to address once we're done polishing. Oh yeah, heading to the doctors, so baby Wally might be here today - he's 4-5 days late now! Exciting times!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rob,

Just curious if you are putting your appliances on the same side of your trailer or cross-aisle? We've got a '55 Commodore Vanderbilt with the furnace,stove and fridge all on the curb side, seems a little overweight on that side to me. Also, I haven't had a chance to back-track thru your blog, have you done anything to your frame or discovered any frame issues with your rig? Thanks, Jabba