Friday, May 04, 2007

Thanks Phoenix Lock Company!

I have been looking for something to use on our door so that I don't have to have that stupid looking rope to the hitch to keep the SOTR's (any Airstream) door closed in case the door lock fails or pops open. The guys at Phoenix

Lock Company want to help! I am getting two of the Polished Chrome Draw Clamps pictured here to try out, one on the top and one on the bottum of the door so that while in transit, I can use these to secure the door closed. These are hand made and should look good on the trailer. I know - what if someone locks it while you are inside... I know, I know - but if someone wanted to do that, there are other ways too. Here is an offer from the President of Phoenix Lock (very cool and nice of them):

We would be pleased to offer a special discount to you and your fellow Airstream affectionatos. Our #36-C Draw Clamp in Polished Chrome has a list price of $37.00 each. If you will just mention “Airstream” when ordering, we will discount the price 35% to $24.05 each. To receive the special discount orders may be e-mailed to, or call toll free 800-471-3087 extension 332. So, check out Phoenix Lock and tell them Rob sent ya!

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