Monday, March 05, 2007

More progress - Insulation

Last week I was out in California for work. Remotely, Chevy Ave and I went back and forth on requirements in the trailer for power. Outlets, outlets, outlets. And more outlets. 12v and 120v. The trailer is all wired now, and the roof panels and end caps are on. The rest of the internal panels will be installed by Wednesday, so Chevy Ave tells me. At the same time, they are also working on the 59 Buick (or Flo, as my boys call her) Electra. We're pulling the 401 Nailhead and Dyna Flo and installing a Chevy 454 w/ Turbo 400. It's gonna be a sweet package. Anyway, while I was out in California, I stopped by a custom vinyl sign maker and had this sign made for the front curb side of the trailer. Just like they did back in the day!

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