Saturday, March 10, 2007

It's warming up!

I brought some of the warmer weather back with me this weekend. It's finally a little warmer up here and the snow is melting. I drove over to the SOTR this morning and took a few shots. The Buick is over there now, and the engine is ready to be pulled to have the Chevy 454 installed. This, and the Turbo 400 will serve very nice (we did not want to break down and need a 1959 Triple Turbine Dynaflow worked on) as a power plant for pulling the SOTR. The engine is getting ready for detailing. By monday, the interior will be complete, and preparations will begin for new Zolatone paint - then it'll be the Marmoleum flooring. It's coming along. The area under the police whip antenna mount has been polished and the wire for it run to the rear wiring closet. The am/fm antenna wire has been run, all 110v and 12v DC wires have been run to the rear wiring closet and my XM satellite antenna wire and speaker wires (4) to the front and rear are in. Now, I need to find a new electrical panel box for the closet and it'll be wired in. The new stainless Marinco Power inlet is in too! That vinyl sticker with our names is a deep maroon in color and will be mounted up on the front curb side panel, like they did in the old days. By the end of next week, I'll have a nice aluminum tent!


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