Friday, March 30, 2007

Latest Update!

It's been a slow week with the SOTR as I've been patiently waiting for the Zolatone paint
.....let's just say I feel for Colin now, as to wonder "Where did Customer service go?" I ordered the Zolatone three weeks ago, was told by first supplier it would not be in until 3 April, and canceled that order. Two weeks ago, I ordered through a local auto store, told it would be in this past Tuesday... and today I found out it was never ordered by the parent store.... ugh! So, today, after flying into Syracuse, I drove over the warehouse in Rochester to pick up the Zolatone myself and so we have it. Hope to try "Toning" the SOTR tomorrow. The Marmoleum gets installed on Tuesday, and we hope to have the trailer painting done by then. So, while we've been waiting for that, I've had some work being done on our 58 Overlander (the trailer we'll use early this year) - new rear LEDs installed, new trailer whip (power cord to tow vehicle), side LEDs installed, and rear bathroom floor torn up and new installed (there was no bath so we are rebuilding that) - we'll rely on facilities at campgrounds. I traveled to Charleston, SC this week. I contacted Trailerworks to see if they had any 15" rims with Baby Moon clips on them - and they did. So, I traveled there, met Eric, on Wednesday and carried the rims home with me on the plane (checked as baggage courtesy of Lowe's storage containers). On my way home from Rochester I spotted a tiny Airstream out in the woods (turned out to be a 59 Pacer) - I'll be back for that one! and a 66-67 Globetrotter. I found this Avion in the junk yard two weekends ago courtesy of a friend of mine telling me he spotted it.... $800 and it's mine - hmmm???? So, here are a few shots of the Overlander too, and the three Baker boys working on cleaning up the bathroom sink for the SOTR. SYDTR!

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