Saturday, November 11, 2006

Windows, windows and more windows

Yesterday I spent the morning at a local farmers. See, he has an old 1975 Suburban (a 1/2 ton Trailer Special) with a 454 in it. I bought the engine and transmission a few weeks ago from the gentleman and yesterday a friend of the family and I unbolted it. While Willy was unbolting it, I was down in a field with my generator and sawz-all tearing into an old trailer (a Continental) cutting out all the old windows. Here is what I got. Anyone need windows - they are for sale (5 x 18" x 31" and 1 x 18" x 19" - I have to support my Airstream habit somehow. So, today we went over and using the help of a front end loader, we pulled the engine with the 700R4 tranny still connected and now it's in my dad's barn. This is the new power plant for the 1959 Buick - something that if I ever need parts, they will be easier to find.

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