Saturday, November 18, 2006

Operation Overlander successful!

I made it to Buffalo at 2:30 am. I slept like a baby back there in the trailer... I awoke to the wonderful sounds of a Diesel idling next to me around 7am, then beat feet it for home and arrived at 1030am. Here I am at a rest area stopping for some Starbucks - the Pumpkin Spice is really good! It rained all the way. I did not go into Ohio, so no Factory (it remains a goal for next summer) for I traveled back through Canada when I thought I would not be able to without proper registration... no problems though! and the trailer towed like a dream. I'm now will be going through the trailer to check it out...and see what it needs (like floor work)! Next up - Operation FlyingCloud next week in Virginia!

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Anonymous said...

Is that Rich's Flying Cloud? Are you starting an Airstream transport business in your spare time?