Monday, August 28, 2006

On the road again!

Well, here I currently sit at the Philadelphia Airport with what was supposed to be a 2 hour layover that has turned into a 4.5 hour delay. I am headed to Charleston, SC for the week, supposedly to get home mid day on Friday - stay away Enersto! So, needless to say, not working on any Airstreams this week. Colin has been away from GSM for a week with his family at the Washington DC WBCCI unit rally in Cape Hatteras, NC. When he gets back, we'll be discussing getting back to work on the SOTR. What needs doing now. Well, right now, there is still no wiring or insulation - so that will be the first go around. Then the interior skin would be put back in, it will get Zolatoned and then the new marmoleum flooring will go in. From there, we will start with the Interior. I am trading that 1960 Trade Wind with the bunks for some AWESOME cabinet work so stay tuned on that. We're excited again about getting going on this Sweet Sovereign project once more. Hopefully, we'll be debuting it next spring if all goes well. Take care.... and yes, I'll be Airstream hunting down in Charleston.

Oh yeah, on Friday with all the trailers lined up in the yard, a new friend stopped in. He came walking across and said we had quite the line up. He goes, "I have a 1958 Airstream. An Overlander. " I said, we too have a 1958 Airstream, a SOTR! I told him we have bunks. He said he had bunks. I asked rounded? He said yes. So, yesterday, I drove the 15 miles to his house (yes, 15 miles) and there was the 58 Overlander sitting hooked to a 1950 Ford pickup. In today's post you will see a few pictures.. it is what is yet to come on the SOTR. His trailer is unbelieveably orginal - and in great shape! SYDTR!

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Doug Reid said...

What kind of wood did they use in 58?