Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Back home in central NY

Well, we are all back home safe and sound. The Trade Wind we took to Virginia to stay in is as well. It sure was hot down there, but we pulled out the rear window screen and I put in a temporary house AC to survive and it worked great! Now it is cool (somewhat chilly this am) here in central NY. I depart Friday for Niagara Falls, NY to get the other 1960 Trade Wind. I will tow home early on Saturday morning. I am looking forward to it and can't wait to see it. Don't ask what that light string is there, I will find out when I get there.... just hoping that it is not a bunch of screw holes keeping it in place...if so, more RIVETS. Here are a couple more photos of it. I also have some 5 pole flag pole holders now. Let me know if you are interested in one. Cost is $83.10 for the 3 pole holder and $88.10 for the 5 pole holder. I'll get some pictures of the 5 pole holder up in a little bit.

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