Friday, August 25, 2006

A new toy

Here is a picture of what will one day become our tow vehicle. This is a '59 Electra flattop in Tawny Rose that's been sitting inside since the 1960'. How many '59's will we find with the combination of Autronic Eye, Triple Turbine, and the Automatic Heater Control Option? This one's also got power seat and tissue dispenser. It needs a good deal of work, of course, but what a cool '59 this will be. If you recall, this is what my Grandfather towed his Airstream with back in the 60s from the old photos I've posted here. It'll be a head turner for sure! Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gawd. Will you have it ready for Bozeman?


Jaime said...

Cool Rob! Good luck with the new purchase... or should I say purchases? I know you are always hunting for the classics.