Sunday, April 30, 2006

Gettin ready for the Celts

Home again, home again. I've been working on the Trade Wind getting it ready for our next Rally. We are heading to the Celebration of Celts, in Chatham, NY May 5-7. It should be fun, as there about 12 signed up to go. It's a boondocking rally, so we need to make sure the battery on the Trade Wind it charged. I've been polishing too! My uncle Donald (who is restoring Zoe's Jeep Wagoneer) got out two of his Chevy's today. How do they look? The red one (another Impala - 1966, with a Chevy 454 under the hood) is still in the barn. Bring on the Celts. The Jeep should be done in about a week, after the first round of sweet corn gets planted....plowing, disking, and planting....spring is here!

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