Tuesday, April 11, 2006

After the CBR - Oh what a time!

Well, the Trade Wind is sitting in long term parking at the Baltimore Washington Airport. You see, I had to fly down to Fort Hood, Texas this week for work. I'll be picking it up on Friday and driving it home. The CBR was at least, around 40 trailers in all. The Trade Wind has cleaned up well. I found a Bargman L-77 for the trailer at the rally, and the polishing has begun. We used our fingers and put our name on the front of the trailer.....which will be polished away next week. Colin and I did a talk Saturday night on the SOTR and it was a big hit - I had put together about 100 slides with 4 pictures each on them. I have a few leaks to work, and some floor repair to attend too now - always something with a Vintage Airstream!

It was great seeing you all at the CBR.


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Rich Luhr said...

Who's the guy with you in the picture, Rob?