Saturday, April 01, 2006

Gettin er DONE!

Well, we've been working more on the Trade Wind the last fews days...bad news though, is that after the CBR, the front section of the floor needs to be replace - it's rotted pretty good - just like all of them! But, we've had some Courtesy Parkers here the last two days - some good friends of ours from our Washington DC WBBCI unit - the WDCU! Doug and Terry stopped on their way to the SDCU Cherry Blossom Rally in Maryland, on their way from Canada. They brought summer like weather with them. I showed Doug (an avid Airteream polisher and who has owned a few Vintage Airstreams himself) my secret polish and how fast it works... I went in for a noon teleconference....and within 20 minutes he had half the road side polished! You've got to love these CPers! I'll have it looking presentable for CBR. Here's a picture of Doug and Terry's 1972 Argosy 26...which is very nice. We'll see them again later in the week at CBR - which is sure to be the BEST yet. SYDTR!

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