Monday, September 19, 2005

Time - need more of it!

Well, we just got back from a long weekend - Friday to Sunday where we traveled with the 67 Trade Wind to Watkin Glen State Park to camp with the Colin and his family. It was supposed to be a rally, but we were the only ones who showed up....must be the gas prices and the weather. So, no work on the SOTR this weekend. I leave tonight for 4 days on the road for work, so no work this week either. Guess, I'll be spending this upcoming weekend getting to the guts of the SOTR. Until then, it patiently awaits me out in the yard. Until then, here are a few more pictures to enjoy. Does anyone know of a source for this Starburst material seen on the wall in the bathroom? Also, how about a source for the onion skin covers on my wire frame lights? Like that huge front gaucho...even has the original Goodyear foam rubber mattress. See ya down the road!

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