Thursday, September 15, 2005

Parts needed

Every restoration has a list of parts that are needed. This SOTR is pretty well off, but there still are a few parts that are needed for it. The first required is a front window with frame. I currently have a piece of plexi glass in place to keep the elements and animals out - Duct tape to the rescue. At one time in the past, the previous owner had a large window Air conditioner in the window and hacked the frame to put it in. So, that is number one. Second is a side window with frame, where the current window frame is bent and glass is missing. This window is 14x25. I also need overhead round ceiling light shades, and the screen for inside the front SolarDome. Also needed is the lower portion water heater cover. If anyone has any parts for a late 50's Airstream, please contact me as I would be interested in them. Contact me at We are headed out on a camping trip with our 67 Trade Wind tomorrow to Watkin's Glen State Park located here in central NY. This Trade Wind is our Airstream gap filler to use since we sold our 85 34' Limited and until the SOTR is done. We will be selling the Trade Wind for $3500 when we are ready, maybe even as early as this late fall 2005. So, if you are interested in a nice Trade Wind that needs some work, let us know!

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