Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Over the next few weeks

Over the next few weeks, we will be carefully removing the interior. My brother and I will be restoring the interior this winter to be reinstalled, as original as possible, next spring - when the trailer is lik new! Once all the interior is removed, the trailer will be towed from Plymouth, NY to Plattsburgh, NY to begin the restoration process. What are we doing to it: New floor and insulation, removing the interior skin and re-wiring (putting in a 12v system) and insulation, new plumbing, new Zolatone, and new Marmoleum flooring, new countertops, polishing, and then working in the interior design of curtains, and decorating. Here is a picture of the current interior. Stay tuned as I talk about the issues I find as I remove all of this stuff. This is going to be fun! Check out The VAP - Vintage Airstream PodCast at - the newest All Airstream radio show. See you tomorrow!

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