Saturday, February 21, 2009

Wednesday - 18 Feb 09 - RECOVERY

This past Wednesday morning, I was taking care of errands, when my cell phone rang - Zoe' called and said that the our friends Dick and Ethyl were having issues near Binghamton with their Airstream. I gave Dick a call, and he said when he pulled into the gas station they always stop at, he could smell something and the manager said he saw flames in the wheel well - a couple blasts to the wheel well with his fire extinguisher ( a must for future recovery efforts!) and when Dick jacked up his trailer, the wheel and hub fell off - on his single axle late 50s Globetrotter. Dick and Ethyl were lucky the tire hadn't fallen off while going down the road - another 20 feet and it would have for sure! How it did not, I'll never know. So, Dick asked - you know anyone with a flatbed... so I began the quest for a suitable flatbed that could fit an Airstream on it - my Uncle Don at has a nice long flatbed and so I went over, hooked on, and was on my way to recover Dick and Ethyl's trailer... and when I backed up, I seriously did not think it would fit - but fit it did - it took us about 1.5 hours to load it, taking our time to ensure we did not hurt the trailer. Here are some photos of our efforts - and now, the Perkin's trailer is safe at home!

Arriving with Flatbed for the Recovery

Will it fit? Dick and my dad checking things out.

Dick's trailer sitting out of commission.

Nut remains, but wheel and hub are free - a new axle is in Dicks trailer's future.

I'm glad I brought my boards to use as ramps and to get the rear of the trailer up with a less angle of approach while loading. I wish I had more!

Hoping my loading ramps hold!

Rear wheels are on! Whew!

Notice we doubled up the boards once she was loaded! Needed the clearance for the fenders of the trailer to clear the belly pan.

Now to get the tongue onto the trailer - thank god I brought the come-a-long!

All loaded. Now to cinch her down. 40 miles to home! The owner makes some last minute checks! This put my 84 3/4 ton Suburban to the test - complete with sirens and lights. She did just fine!


TomW said...

The Globetrotter is, of course, cool. But so is your uncle's trailer - With its "I'm made for serious hauling" look, it is a perfect match for a 3/4 ton Suburban.

'84 3/4 ton Suburbans rule! Mine has never let me down. I once towed an Uncle Don type trailer loaded with 8,000 pounds of brick from Sommerset VA to Huntsville, AL. The truck reacted like "is that all?" :D


Sugarfoot said...

What an ordeal! Y'all looked like pros flat-bedding the GT. And what an awesome friend you are to help get Dick and Ethel back home and safe. You deserve some major good karma.