Monday, February 16, 2009

By By Luna

Sorry for the long delay on posting to the blog... we've been JUST a little busy with my work, travel for it, and trying to get things in order to help purchase the farm. So, now we are closing on the farm tomorrow - yippee! By tomorrow at this time it'll be ours and we can begin the moving. We did some packing and some friends helped us move a few small items up into the barn. One friend, Frank Yensan and his daughter Ava, drove up from Baltimore, Maryland yesterday morning and arrived around 11am. They helped me load some things onto our little trailer, and then I gave them a tour.. unfortunately - I was a little under the weather with a stomach bug that put me out of comission in the afternoon... I'm slowly coming back around today... Frank's other pursuit for the weekend was to pick up his new Airstream named Luna - our 1954 front kitchen Safari that he's going to just love! Frank's Trailer Works will restore her to her former glory we hope - not for us - but for Frank and his lovely wife Beth... they just departed for Baltimore with Luna in tow! Here's a few pictures of Luna from a few weeks ago when my boy Stanton was helping dig her out. Good luck on the tow home Frank!!


Frank Yensan said...

She is safe and sound in the trailer lot. That little trailer was so light that I doubt her wheels were on the ground for more than five minutes. I often forgot she was there as I noticed my speedometer hitting 75 from time to time. Every time we stopped for a pit stop, the bearings were actually cold to the touch. Might have been the fact that it was below freezing out, Bates RV packed the bearings well, or that the tires were never actually on the ground. Not sure which, but she made it home safely.

Sugarfoot said...

Congratulations on your new farm! I know this is something you've been wanting for a while now.