Saturday, May 17, 2008

Wheel Bearings

I am now back on Active Duty for 6 months with the Marine Corps here in Quantico, Va. I am staying in the Caravel these first two weeks, giving me something to work on in the evenings. On the tow down here, I pulled over after hearing something funny dragging... I'm glad I did. The front belly pan had pulled loose and part of it was dragging...easy enough fix with my rivet gun... I went and checked the road side wheel and cool - then over to the driver side... HOT!!! to hot to, I got on my Garmin and found a very close Pep Boys and pulled over there. I have Bearing Buddy fitting on this new axle so I borrowed a grease gun and injected until I saw grease.. many pumps.. must of been low. So, I was 40 miles from Quantico, I slowed down and pulled to my final destination. Yesterday, I pulled into the base Auto Hobby Shop and took it all apart and cleaned them up and repacked them, put it back together and now them seem good to go. I'll pull this home this next Friday and bring the SOTR back down. Today and tomorrow I'm gonna mess with some plumbing.

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Frank Yensan said...

even on active duty far from home you are doing it... God I love spirit.