Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A great weekend

Well, I towed the Caravel home successfully... even though the bearings on the passenger side were still really hot on the Caravel, with new re-packed bearings and all. Why they are getting hot is mysterious. But, the Caravel is up in NY now and the Sovereign of the Road is now here in Virginia. It was great to spend time camping with Zoe' and the three boys (two of which had a birthday on Friday and Sunday - they're all 7, 5, and 1 now... how time flies.

My Pageant of Bands Rally is June 5-8 in North Norwich, NY so that's it's next trip north...Gas was $3.76 a gallon at the Flying J with my RV discount - not bad. Sophia likes the road!


John Kwasnik said...

Isn't that a new axle you've got under the Caravelle? Maybe you've got a slightly bent stub axle that's causing a bearing to bind up. Next time you're home I'd be happy to help you diagnose it.

Anonymous said...

Rob, When you find out the mystery behind the hot bearings, let me know. I have a tandem axle trailer with freshly packed bearings. All is well unless the brakes are applied. Towing 60 MPH for an hour heats up nothing. Towing just a few miles with ome controller applied brakes and they are red hot.