Monday, January 28, 2008

Vent tubes and some bunks

Yesterday afternoon, worked on the vent tube plumbing from the black tank. Man it was hard cutting a hole in that new cabinetry but once done, and the plumbing through, I guess it wasn't that bad. I've come out of the tank, into my rear closet (toilet is on the curb side) on the curbside, turns 90 degrees up, up through my closets top shelf, again turning to head towards my pre-existing hole in the roof where the original vent tube went through. And so I have a black tube sticking out of the roof of the SOTR. I have to install a vent cover (one is on order from Vintage Trailer Supply). From there, I moved to my bunks. Dick Perkins was over, giving me plumbing advice and helping me cut the 1 1/2 tubing, and he helped me hold the bunks up while we were measuring / installing the latches that will hold the bunks in place during travel. We've manage to get the road side bunk mounted and so now, the bunk can be put up during the day as well - it really makes the bedroom area appear alot bigger with those up and out of the way. Thanks Dick - cause it's really a two man job. Here are a couple photos in the up position. Last night, after the Marmoleum was inside warming up for a while, I cut the pieces needed to cover my black tank under the toilet and on the kick panel in front of the tank, and so now, I just need to glue it down (it has to warm up some) and put down the aluminum edging. I'm getting there!


Frank Yensan said...

Sure hope Dick's only payment was a "thank you"

Anonymous said...

Man I'm getting more envious of your SOTR every new posting. I'm really looking forward to seeing it at the CBR this spring. Mark

Anonymous said...

Rob, I found your Ogden water purifier on E-bay. Item number is
150208951882. Current bid $25.45. Good Luck. Mark