Friday, October 27, 2006


Well, I am finally home for more than a day. I got home at 1pm this afternoon. Now, I am home for a good week, before I have to go back on the road. A few weeks ago, over Columbus Day weekend, I picked up this 56 Caravanner for Steve of Vintage Trailer Supply. He has another one just like it, and this is well, his parts trailer. This is a shot of it with my TREO at night in the Flying J during a quick stop to re-fuel. Well, on Monday, myself and one of my trusty side-kicks, Dick Perkins, will drive it the rest of the way to Colin's at - will we see Dicky Riegel this time on the Northway this time? I've got to also post this cool shot of a vintage Western Flyer bus - I'd love one of these, and man that would look sweet polished up! This is the second time I've run into this bus here at this Flying J. So, I'll post more pictures when I find the darn Kodak USB to camera cable... I want you all to see the 4 trailers and Buick lined up in the back lot. SYDTR!

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