Monday, October 30, 2006

Up and Back

Well, we made the trip up and back without incident. Dick and I departed this am around 5:15am, and it was a beautiful day out. We arrived at GSM Vehicles around 10:30am, and as we turned in, it was quite the scene seeing all the trailers parked in Colin's lot. Wow!! We were in a whirlwind until we departed around 1:30pm, where we went and got lunch and headed for home... arriving around 6pm. When we got there, we met Steve of and we slowly unloaded the truck, un-hitched the trailer, and then started pocking around, Colin getting the keys out and going in and out of all the trailers there. Doug's 56 Caravanner was undergoing some major surgery to its skeleton while we were there, with the total front end cut off.... I think you'll be glad you are doing that Doug! I've added a link to Doug's blog on the left - check it out. A great day long, 520 mile trip up and back... whew - I'm tired. SYDTR!

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Anonymous said...

GSM is quite the sight. Check out this photo from a few weeks ago: