Saturday, June 25, 2011

Historic Route 11 Caravan

This past Tuesday, I towed the old Sovereign of the Road down off the hill to out in front of the house. Zoe' and I began cleaning, unloading and then loading the old girl in preparations for us joining the other Airstreamers that have been traveling on the old Historic Route 11 Caravan. They began the journey last weekend and we had made plans to meet up with them on Wednesday at the Knoebel's Amusement Park in Elysburg, PA. We took the boys out of the last two days of school and set off on a short journey as soon as chores were done on Wednesday morning. So, off we drove a short 3 hours pull south. With a couple stops (we have 4 kids ya know), we pulled in 4 hours later. There were 10 other Airstreams at the J&D Campground.. the Caravan's resting place for the night. We unhitched, plugged in, turned on the AC and then ran (actually drove) over to the park for a funfilled remainder of the afternoon / early evening. It was good to see some old friends and make a few new ones. Here are a few photos. We were planning to remain at Knoebel's for another day, but we were persuaded to join the group and so we traveled on Thursday up to Cortland, NY to the Yellow Lantern Campground. We plodded (towed) along the famed Route 11 through the rain (VERY heavy at times) and arrived to a flooded campground where we all managed to find sites that worked.. soggy..but they worked. We only had farm help until Friday noon so we had to say our goodbyes Friday morning as the Caravan pulled out headed for their final stop over up in the 1000 Islands. It was a fun two days of Streaming!!!

Loading up!!

A full day at Knoebel's

Zoe' and Bryce on the mini boats!

Braedon having a blast!

The J&D Campground.

At the local farm market up the road just north of the campground, we found this sticker on a cooler.... it's nearly identical to the one on our barn. Love it!
Heading North on Route 11.

Braedon outside the Airstream at STEAMTOWN National Park, Scranton, PA. This is an amazing historical preservation right smack dab in the middle of Scranton. Thank you Mr. Scranton for what you did for the US!
The Steamer we all rode on.

In the parking lot (FREE parking) at the STEAMtown National Park.

Just north of Clark's Summit, PA - we all pulled over to get some photos of the old Lackawanna viaduct. While stopped, a train crossed. Perfect!

One of the photos MoparJohn took - awesome shot!

There is Dacia's white truck and her TradeWind, Debra and her 55 Bubble and MoparJohn and his 73 (I think) Trade Wind. A great time being had by all.

Another shot of the bridge.

The kids at the Yellow Lantern Campground... I can't recommend staying here (just a tad run down)... except for the water, not very kid friendly.

And here's a couple video links to enjoy:

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Frank Yensan said...

huge smile in Baltimore seeing you Streamin again. You made my day with this post.