Thursday, July 08, 2010

Haying the fields

Since the Bash is over..we're haying the fields around where it was held. It's a couple weeks late, but oh well. Enjoy some pictures. It's been perfect haying weather this week.

Glad that the field is now mowed.

Maybe next year I'll have some equipment like this.

The sheep are gonna love this.

Sweet International.

We got two full wagon loads.

Got to love kickers!!

Full load in the mow waiting to be off loaded.

The result.

1 comment:

Aluminium Idler said...


Its often been said that we're divided by a common language but now add to that, farm machinery !

We live on an old farm in Devon but I've never seen a bale 'kicker' this side of the pond - we've been missing out. Like Airstreams, you've been keeping the best toys close to home !

Congrats on the BASH - maybe I'll make it over for the next one.

Chris (TAC UK002)