Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Fine Fall Weekend!

This weekend we traveled up to Lake Glory Campground near Catawissa, PA. The intent was to attend the go to the Knoebel's Haunted weekend Saturday night... however Mother Nature had different ideas in mind.. like rain all day on Saturday. Zoe' and the boys drove south Friday after school and I drove north. I ran into traffic near Harrisburg with Rt 581 east, my normal route to I83, was closed for a man hunt following some high speed chase.... so I took 581 west to I81 and met up with the Yensan's at the rest area near milemarker 80 on 81 North.. and we caravanned the rest of the way north. It was a good time - as Caravanning always is. We stopped at Centrailia, PA (home of the underground coal fire) where the town is all gone! Amazing to have an entire town (except for a few) bought out! We made it to the campground around 5pm. Zoe' showed up about 30 minutes later and the smile on my boys and wife's face made the weekend! A great campfire was had, rain all day Saturday with a quick trip to crazily packed Cabelas. The rain stopped at 6pm and another nice fire with the kids playing in the erily Halloween fog on the campground. Sunday morning came, and it was beautiful. Saturday morning, the Yensan's cooked breakfast and we (all nine of us) had breakfast in the SOTR, and Sunday, Zoe' cooked breakfast, and again, the 9 of us ate in the was great! Frank took this picture of us right before we all split up and headed south and north. Another great weekend! Thanks to all who came - Jerry, Sonia, and Colleen (1 kid), The Yensan's with Ava and Halle (2 kids), the Baker's (3 kids), Dave Morrison, Jane and her friends (5 kids), and Linda & Reggie and her two grandkids - for a total of like 13 kids and 11 Adults.. we were outnumbered! Thanks for the picture Frank - we love it!

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Anonymous said...

What a great picture. You all look pretty happy. Sounds like you had a great weekend together. Take care. Carol