Monday, September 29, 2008

Rally at the Travel Trailer Village

To my surprise tonight, I met a few Airstreamers (14047, 10540, and 5068) tonight on their way home to Louisiana from the Swiss Rally up and over in Ohio.. the Mouton's, the Fonteneau's (sp) and Connwr. It was neat coming back from work and finding three more Airstreams in here in the village. Here's a pictures. Also, yesterday coming back from central NY from seeing Zoe' and the boys, I spotted a few Airstreams on their way south. One was a WBCCIer, #18485 and then there was this one.. looks like one of those Ambassadors... off to a fire - Check out the Vintage tow vehicle.. Love it! Also, here's one of my new stickers for the rear of the trailer that I picked up at the TCT rally. Enjoy and I'll be seeing you on the Road tomorrow night heading for NY and the WDCU Rally - can you tell I'm excited!

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