Friday, March 28, 2008

Cuttin the hole!

Frank called me a whimp the other night on the latest episode of theVAP - and said to "Just cut the hole!" - so, since the fridge access is the smaller of the two, I cut my first hole. So, here are a couple pictures. I borrowed my buddy John's electric snips and man do they give a good cut. It came out pretty well. Now I can bolt that fridge down and get the gas line run into the rear of the fridge. Now to the H2O heater hole on the other side of the trailer tomorrow. Thanks John.


the byamcaravanner said...


I like how you were able to cut the hole but leave the lock. LOL!

IndyAnne said...

Did you fabricate the trim molding? Did it come pre-assembled with the hatch door? It looks great and original, like hatches on my 68 Tradewind, on one of which I need to replace the hatch door. Would you mind telling how to order? Thanks, Anne